Superflat Preset Generator :')
<--- Affects options (EG: More trees spawn in forests)
Resources*NPC VillagesDungeonsMineshaftsStrongholdsLakesLava Lakes
Resources include trees, giant mushrooms, ores, underground gravel & dirt, long grass and Notch knows what else :)
<--- Close noob interface
<--- Custom block IDs
Extra Things

Use Load Config to load and edit existing world generator settings :)
Created by AmazinglySarcastic! :)
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Resources include trees, ores, long grass, pumpkins, giant mushrooms, underground gravel (and dirt) and a few other things all in a single package
Use logic. Cacti only spawn on sand in desert biomes. Trees only spawn on dirt or grass but on a mushroom biome giant mushrooms spawn instead. If you want giant mushrooms, choose a mushroom biome and put mycelium on top. Geddit?
That's the thing you give to Minecraft so that it can generate your lovely mega flat world for you. When creating the world, choose Superflat, click Customize, Presets, click into the black text box at the top, do CNTRL+A and delete (backspace) OR rub it all out. Then copy the generator code and click into that black text box and do CNTRL+V or copy it out.
Here's some great mega flat worlds? They're not just super; they're mega! However, I will not tell you what they do, but each one has something special and imaginative about it :)
It would take way to long to list every block on here and you would have to wait after every update :P
So, Simple Mode - Allows you to select blocks from a restricted list
Advanced Mode - Allows you to enter custom blocks ids to use any blocks, even from mods or modpacks! :D
A video tutorial on how to make pretty worlds and generate them! :D
Enter your generaator code/settings below to load them up :')
(Too) Frequently Asked Questions
What are resources?*
Why is there no trees?
What is Advanced Mode?
Will this work on my server? :D
Will this work on my server?Of course it will! Before you start your server for the first time, make a file called in the server folder and put in the following: